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The main objectives of the event are:

- Presentation of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for the Black Sea
- Presentation of major research initiatives funded by the European Union and of the main international organizations that support scientific cooperation in the Black Sea
- Presentation of experiences concerning basin-wide Strategic Research and Innovation Agendas in other European seas
- Introduce to the Black Sea marine research community the opportunities given by the major European research and monitoring infrastructures and initiatives
- Introduction of the main pillars of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for the Black Sea
- Establishment of concrete short-term steps for the successful implementation of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for the Black Sea.
- Presentation of the Bucharest Declaration regarding the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for the Black Sea.


Sustainable Development at the Black Sea


The Romanian Presidency of the EU Council in the first Semester of 2019 is an excellent opportunity to build, strengthen, promote and disseminate its strategic goals, which are in accordance with the EU policies and objectives. Positioned both in the lower part of the Danube Region and the Western Black Sea, Romania has been strategically interested in strengthening cooperation in both regions.

The “Sustainable Development at the Black Sea” Conference under the auspices of the EU Council Presidency is an excellent opportunity for Romania as well as the whole EU to take major steps towards the development, approval and implementation of a Strategic Agenda in the Black Sea region. This will support and guide the way towards a knowledge-based society, where innovation and smart activities bring the sustainable social and economic growth in the entire Black Sea region.

The conference will bring together all major categories of stakeholders with active and potential roles in building a sustainable and innovative society in the Black Sea region. Besides the research and academic communities, the Conference will bring together actors from all the Black Sea countries, supporting a smart connection between Europe and Asia, aiming to bring to life the “Silk Road” of the future. Decision and policy makers, academics, professionals, local communities, environmental NGOs, business persons will work together in five parallel sessions.

The scope is to identify policy options and priorities, as well as plan future actions. Outcomes of the parallel sessions will be used to strengthen and support the “Bucharest Declaration” aimed to build a Sustainable and Innovative Society around the Black Sea. The Conference will thus be a landmark also on a process started by the EC in 2016, which has grouped DG R&I, DG MARE, the Eastern Partnership and a group of researchers in the Black Sea countries to develop a strategic plan to back the smart and sustainable growth in the region.